We excel at Magento Web Design and Development. Magento let you sell any type of products on-line, in any way you want to sell it, rent it, bundle it or give it away for free.

Saitech Magento Web Design services make sure you have full control over banners, sales and other promotions giving you all-in-all one of the most powerful tools for successful on-line trading.

Magento is an Ecommerce Solution offering unparalleled integration, flexibility and scalability. It’s renowned for its speed, security and ease of use. It is also capable of using multiple templates allowing all pages, including products to be shown in a variety of styles making it very suitable for a shop with a wide product offering.

  • Marketing promotions and tools, including banner management
  • Fully search engine optimised with URL rewriting
  • Integrated analytics and reporting
  • Full customer and order management
  • Full catalogue management with complete control over categories and products including bespoke attributes
  • Product bundles, up- and cross-selling
  • Secure payments